National conference on optimization and renovation of electric power system for overcoming global power crises (OEOGP-2021)aims at bringing together researchers, scientists, engineers, research scholars, industrial participants and budding students around the world to a common platform to share their experiences, new ideas, and research findings on all aspects of Electrical,Electronics and Electrical Engineering Communication Engineeringand Computer Engineering.Renewable Energy Directive in India (2021/2001) sets a binding target to have at least 32 percent renewable energy in the Union’s gross final energy consumption by 2030. National policy strategies are expected to play a key role in achieving this target. India’s national energy policy aims at ensuring the energy goals achieved by 2030. The achievement of such goals requires a significant energy transition and the adoption of higher objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increased penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in gross final energy consumption, improved energy efficiency to make greater energy savings, and lignite phase out in power generation. The national policy for the development of policy instruments and innovative technologies for both RES and energy efficiency is still an ambitious objective and a key parameter for securing the required funding and enhancing the energy market. The objective of the AICTE sponsored OEOGP-2021 optimization and renovation of electric power system for overcoming global power crises) conference is to elaborate on the influence of energy policy instruments on the promotion of solar thermal (ST) and other renewable technologyin India. To achieve this objective, the existing ST market in India is analysed, and the prospects for fostering ST technology through the implementation of effective policy instruments are discussed. Moreover, the existing Indian policy instruments for ST market deployment are elaborated, and successful policy instruments in other Asian countries are studied. Policy instruments in India are limited and mostly addressed to RES technologies and not directly to ST systems. They include a proper regulatory framework, incentives and funding opportunities aimed at improving energy efficiency and meeting the targets set by India, thus promoting sustainable energy behaviour. The analysis in the conference proceeding reflects that, although there arecertain policy instruments in India related to ST technological development, further actions should occur to exploit the potential of the ST sector. This OEOGPconference 2021 therefore provides a set of guidelines in order to reinforce the implementationof ST technology in India to arrest global warming by reducing the greenhousegases. The aim of this conference is to examine the existing ST market in India and to identify the potential for promoting ST technology through the introduction of appropriatepolicy instruments. In order to achieve these objectives, the existing policy frameworks in India and other Asian countries are described. The consequence of this elaboration is a set of guidelines for policy instruments that suitable for India and is expected to change citizens’ behaviour in the direction of the use of ST technology. OEOGP-2021will not only strengthen the power system optimization and renovation measures amongst students, researchersfaculties and industrialistswhich in turn will strengthen the industry institute collaborations in upgrading and renovating the indispensable curricular activities for meeting out the requirements of the recent technological demands but also penetrate ideas to all the audience leading to an industrial revolution in our country.
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