Basic Sc & Humanities

School of Mathematics and Computing

Mathematics is the second language of Engineers. No engineering can be understood, explained or expressed without it. Apart from developing logical understanding, mathematics opens our eyes to new vistas.The department of mathematics at GITA handles teaching of mathematics in a way to free it from the usual “phobia” and tears.

Department of Physics

Physics is the heart of all engineering phenomena. It is “the behavior of real things”. To provide fundamental understanding of basic principles, through theory and practicals, the Department has dedicated faculty handling the subject. The state of the art laboratory with equipments to conduct experiments on general physics, optics, electricity and electronics etc. in a disciplined environment is organized very well.

Department of Chemistry

No one is more interested than the engineers in the structure and nature of matter and materials surrounding us. Chemistry helps us unveil these mysteries. Our Department of Chemistry at GITA provides excellent exposure and experience in the subject through theory and practicals handled by dedicated faculty and staff. Our laboratory is complete and attractive in all respects.

Department of Humanities

The department of Humanities makes extensive efforts to enhance students’ personality, Organizational ability and interpersonal skills. It is divided into:

Division of Language

Division of Economics

Division of Organization Behaviour

Division of Language

The Department of English aims at providing the students with the requisite communicating skills by using highly interactive method of teaching, recent software’s for development of language-skill and audio-visual equipments. The students are taught to express themselves in the corporate would using effective English and appropriate body language. The Department has a well-equipped language laboratory where students practice the four language-skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Pair talks, extempore sessions and personality-profiling-tests are regular features. Also students are trained in Group discussions, case studies, Situation Analysis and Power point presentation.

Division of Economics

Engineers are planners, builders, problem-solvers, managers and decision makers, all in one. They are to make skillful financial analysis of their projects and keep track of Govt. policies (taxation, public expenditure), cost and value analysis and the pulse of the market. Our division is bent upon grooming our budding technocrats to full blossom

Division of Organizational Behaviour

Effective management of today’s Organisations and the human resources that make them work, is facing enormous challenges. Downsizing, diversity, the knowledge and information explosion, global competition and total quality are not only the latest buzzwords but also the true representation of the harsh reality staring at the managers today. The department of Humanities makes all-out efforts to enhance students’ personality and qualitative skills to make them big achievers.