Master in Computer Application(MCA)

The Department of Computer Application, established in 2008, focuses on contemporary and leading edge applications of computer. The dept. has modern facilities likes computer graphics lab, operating systems lab - supporting windows, unix, linux, software labs supporting C, C++, Java, Oracle, etc. and the development centre.


Knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering should be applied effectively by the engineering graduates.

Capable of identifying, formulating and solving Complex engineering problems both in case of theory and practical.

Ability to apply the Engineering knowledge for conducting the experiment and prepare report through analization and interpretation of result.

An ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, and safety manufacturability and sustainability..

An ability to work effectively as an integral member or a leader in a multi-disciplinary team.

Modern engineering tools as simulations, prototypes and optimization techniques used in a effective way to analyze problems.

An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

Ability to improve communication skill and apply both verbal and written form effectively.

Graduates will show their understanding and applicability of impact of engineering solutions on society.

Need recognition and ability for self engagement through a lifelong learning process.

Ability of using latest techniques, skills and modern engineering aids which helps and guides to face competitive examinations and engineering practices.


Our graduates will apply their knowledge and skills to succeed in a Mechanical engineering career and/or obtain an advanced degree.

Our graduates will apply basic principles of engineering in various practical fields to meet customer business objectives and/or productively engage in research.

Our students will be able to apply creative thinking to design mechanical equipments and processes including interdisciplinary technologies.

Our graduates will function ethically and responsibly and will remain informed and involved as fully in their profession and in our society.

Our graduates will successfully function in multi-disciplinary teams.

Our students will be able to communicate effectively with others to share their ideas and to cooperate, thus establishing leadership to manage the organization effectively.

Sl no. NAME Designation Qualification
1Prof.(Dr.)Susanta NayakAssociate ProfessorPh.D
2 Prof. Parikesh Dhal Assistant ProfessorM.Tech
3 Ms. Priyambada Mohanty Assistant ProfessorMCA
4 Ms. Ramprasad Chakrabarty Assistant ProfessorMCA
5Prof. Abinash BalAssistant ProfessorMCA
6Ms. Chimayee MishraAssistant ProfessorMCA
7Prof. Lalatendu JenaAssistant ProfessorMCA